2012 IASL Conference, Doha, Qatar November 11-15, 2012

The Shifting Sands of School Librarianship

Things change … especially in the world of education. At the 2012 IASL Conference we will focus on these changes and what they mean to school librarians around the world.

Conference strands

Internationalism – Shifting Borders
This strand will focus on shifting minds from personal to global perspectives and on encouraging open mindedness and internationalism in our communities

Collaboration – Shifting Relationships
These sessions will focus on the development of professional learning networks and the opportunities to assume leadership roles in integrating curricular skills within the learning environment.

Creativity and Innovation – Shifting Needs, Expectations and Roles
Changes in education will accelerate over the coming years, and schools and libraries must reconsider even the most basic assumptions concerning learning goals, methods, and environments.

Literacies and Fluencies – Shifting Definitions
The literacy needs of student are intrinsically intertwined with changes in the way knowledge is consumed and created.

More information available on the conference website.
Email: info@iasl2012.org


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